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navy black – Paper Tiger’s “This Time Around”

Big thanks to Alli Marshall for a glowing response to “This Time Around”!!

Paper Tiger’s “This Time Around”
“This Time Around,” the new track just released by Asheville-based trip-hop outfit Paper Tiger, starts off with an uptempo beat slightly out of character for the band that describes itself as “dirty downtempo.” But give it 10 seconds and what begins as a cool, snappy shimmy of a beat melts into even cooler horns and keys. In fact, cool (as a noun) layers and blankets this song, coloring and texturing it in near-palpable ways. It’s jazz stripped of edifice, soul pared back to its thrumming essence, and r&b boiled down to only its heavy-breathing intent.

Not that there’s any heavy-breathing going on in “This Time Around.” It’s far too cool for that, far too bathed in blue light and remove, far too committed to delayed gratification. It’s the gesture of a shimmer amidst the slink and strut of beats and vocals so controlled and lingering that even a wink would be too eager. “This Time Around” fits in the Paper Tiger arc, but it also demonstrates new directions — a spiraling into subtle matter and minimalism for an effect that flirts with explosiveness although, in truth, it barely lifts its bedroom eyes. The sheer mastery of dirty downtempo bodes well for the band’s forthcoming full-length.

Download the track here:

Earful Music | Review of Me Have Fun

An ear to the ground so you can listen up.

An ear to the ground so you can listen up.

Me Likey Me Have Fun
May 13, 2011
By casador
Paper Tiger : Me Have Fun : (Boy Girl Recordings)

Rating (Scale of 1 to 100): 81
Genre: Lounge, Trip Hop, Electronic, Singer Songwriter
You’ll Like it If: You must be ensconced in velvet whenever you play Portishead.

Defining Song: “Paper Tiger”–The track melts into a wash of strings and the sultry trappings of Kummerle’s voice. The aesthetically pleasing tune is a short lived two minutes, compelling the finger to hit repeat with obsessive recurrence.

Trip Hop is tricky. While it can seem effortless, anyone who has witnessed Massive Attack or Portishead live knows that every pore is dedicated to the music and the visual landscape. Asheville can now claim some of that seemingly facile cool thanks to local band, Paper Tiger, a duo consisting of jazz/lounge singer, Molly Kummerle and DJ/producer, Isaac Gottfried.

The two met about seven years ago through a mutual love of music and all the trappings Asheville offers for artists. When Molly wasn’t performing as her alter ego cabaret star, Ruby Slippers, and Issac wasn’t dropping beats as MINGLE, they tinkered with sounds that slowly melded into what is now Paper Tiger.

Their debut album, Me Have Fun, slowly arose from its comfy chair and entered the public arena in January, 2011. The end result is a sublime mix of sneaky keyboards, unique samples (including a baby coo) that ambush the ear, and Kummerle’s silky voice to guide us through the world of Paper Tiger.

The comparisons to the Trip Hop masters are evident, but it would be unfair to namedrop folks like Thievery and end there. Me Have Fun is an original work of art and deserves its own recognition. It’s a big world inside the album with a surprise at every turn.

“Happy Hour” starts the album with a horn revelry and a sample audience clap and ends a half hour later on “Last Call”, with Kummerle’s voice giving way to a grainy vinyl sample of a simple piano. In between lies the adventure. “Hibiscus” hits the funky stride with violin trickles and graceful keyboards thanks to guest Chuck Lichtenberger (of Stephanie’s Id). “Folded Laundry” plays up to the metaphor of complicated relationships without surrendering to maudlin, and “Hugo” sits complete with dark swagger and Beach Boys sampling.

Me Have Fun is a an album to cozy up to with bottle of wine (or absinthe for the saucier minded) or to jump start a party in need of voltage. It works either way. Kummerle and Gottfried own so many ideas on this album that it will compel the listener to have different emotions with every listen. It’s a good thing, and I hope their future output continues this myriad of escapades.

For more on Paper Tiger, go to their website

Check out this interview with Molly in the new Verve Magazine

And here’s a video of “Me Have Fun”:


WUAG’s Prez Parks Reviews Me Have Fun

Me Have Fun: Paper Tiger – Album Review

Every so often a debut album comes out that reams of style and poise, enter Paper Tiger. Stemming from Asheville, the art basin of North Carolina, Paper Tiger’s Me Have Fun is a further evolution for sultry trip-hop. This beat heavy, sample-driven album reintroduces listeners to the ground work laid by the likes of Portishead of the 90’s and more recently Little Dragon. The duo of Producer Isaac Gottfried and Vocalist Molly Kummerle, create a progressive blend of storytelling laid over groove laden instrumentation. It is true this combination has been recycled time and time again. But the key is to do it well.

Isaac’s productions put you in the mind of his predecessors King Britt and DJ Spinna. He shines the most on his host of interludes that layer the album. From the intro having the 70’s female sample to the head-bobbing outro, we are given hints towards his influences while given clips of his ranging skill. Molly opens the pages of her bedside journal to display a vulnerable self that is coming to terms with her soul. Delivering ballads pressed against melodic orchestration that has a since passed rhythmic blues sense to it. Track 19 “Folded Laundry” represents the height of both Isaac and Molly’s worlds coming together at one time.

Paper Tiger’s Me Have Fun is a quality display of a beat-defined soul record. It pulls from genres like Trip-Hop and Soul, with hints into the mind of a singer/songwriter. Me Have Fun, solid for kids of all ages…

DJ/Music Critic
WUAG 103.1 FM