Paper Tiger at Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit

We’re thrilled to be playing Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit (formerly MoogFest) next weekend in our sweet little hometown! We hit the local showcase stage at The Emerald Lounge on Friday, October 25th at 11 pm, joined by a bunch of our favorite local acts! MOEMS pass holders get in free, or you can just check out the show for $10! More info & tickets HERE.

Mini Tour with Ott. and Aligning Minds

We’re pretty stoked to be hitting the road soon with Ott. and our friends Aligning Minds! We’ll be whipping out a new song off the upcoming new record, check out the “Tour” page for deets!

Asheville > Athens > Atlanta > Chattanooga

Paper Tiger | Ponderosa |Yip Deceiver : July 15

Paper Tiger + Thriftworks + Splynter

Thriftworks + Paper Tiger + Splynter @ Asheville Music Hall 3/1/13

Tickets on sale soon at


Paper Tiger Joins MoogFest!

We’re thrilled to be playing the Emerald Lounge on MoogFest Saturday with some of our finest regional friends!!

Schedule for the Moogfest Local Showcase at the Emerald Lounge:

Friday, Oct. 26
8:30pm – Doors
9:00pm – Listed showtime
9:30-10:45 – Panther God
11:00-12:15 – Aligning Minds
12:30-2:00 – Futexture

Saturday, Oct. 27
8:30pm – Doors
9:00pm – Listed showtime
9:30-10:15 – Novakord
10:30-11:15 – Sonmi
11:30-12:30 – RBTS Win
12:45-1:45 – Paper Tiger

Moogfest and the Emerald Lounge have arranged for Moogfest pass holders to receive complimentary admission to the Emerald Lounge for the events, but the events will also be open to the general public for a great low price: tickets for each night will be $10 to the general public. The shows will be free for all Moogfest weekend pass holders. Single day Moogfest ticket holders will receive complimentary admission to the Emerald Lounge for the same day they hold a Moogfest ticket only. Don’t miss this opportunity to see what makes Asheville music so special – and support local artists!

Saturday Showcase Tickets / MoogFest Tickets






Tune Into 98.1 The River

Tune into 98.1 The River between 4:30 – 4:45 pm today to hear Molly chat with Heather Anders about the Orange Peel show with Two Fresh, the new album, and the rise in electronic music!

Asheville Scene Show Preview

Big thanks to Tony Kiss & the Asheville Scene!

Photo - Asheville Citizen Times by Erin Brethauer

Paper Tiger, featuring singer Molly Kummerle, joins the electro band Two Fresh Thursday night at The Orange Peel, 101 Biltmore Ave. Tickets are $10 advance, $12 door. / Erin Brethauer/Asheville Scene -

Paper Tiger + Autonomous

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve signed on with Autonomous Music for booking … we greatly admire this company and the fine folks that work there, as well as the other artists on their roster! We’re looking forward to getting back out on the road, and quite pleased to be among artists such as Emancipator, Pnuma Trio, Ill-Esha, Paper Diamond, Papadosio, Little People, Marley Carroll & many more! Stay tuned, lots of good news in the land of Paper Tiger!

Tune Into WUTK!

Molly will be live on the air tonight chatting about tomorrow night’s  show at the Valarium with Bonobo, Marley Carroll and 4matiks … also spinning some new tunes and remixes.  Tomorrow night is part of Blank Newspaper’s 5 Fest … we can’t wait to play!

Tune in HERE - 10:15 pm ET



Knoxville Daily Times – Show Preview

photo - Ben Mason Photography

Slinky, sexy sounds of Paper Tiger showcase a different side of Asheville

By Steve Wildsmith (

Molly Kummerle loves her band camp roots, her folk-singing experience and her Motown-belting side project. But her heart belongs to the smoky, velvety sounds of Paper Tiger.

The project, which combines Kummerle’s breathy, hushed vocals with electronic orchestration to produce a trippy combination of acid and lounge jazz (acid lounge?), comes to East Tennessee in support of Bonobo on Friday night, one of the heavy hitters in the fast-growing electronic music scene. Hailing from Asheville, N.C., Kummerle and her fellow performers have crafted a comfortable niche for themselves in a town often known more for its roots and jam-band scenes.

“We’re really excited to be part of a vastly growing electronic scene here,” Kummerle told The Daily Times this week. “Moogfest (the AC Entertainment-sponsored festival held over Halloween weekend) has certainly helped, but even before that, there was a healthy pop scene we were a part of. I just started deejaying also, and it’s amazing how many people I meet are deejays doing really killer electronic music that I wouldn’t know if I was just a singer in an electronic band.

“The electronic scene is definitely very healthy. When I started Paper Tiger, being more of an electronic musician I wanted to embrace and connect all the scenes I’d been a part of in the past. I tried really hard to spearhead that and be a positive role for the electronic scene.”

Originally from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Kummerle moved with her family to Asheville as a middle-schooler; part of a musical clan, she was playing guitar, piano and trombone by the time she reached high school.

“I started working in a bar when I was 19, and that’s how I got interested in trip-hop and acid jazz,” she said. “Up until then, I sang in a folky group and sang back-up in a Motown band, but this felt a lot more like home and a lot more like what I was hearing in my head as far as original music goes. So I started working with MINGLE (a project that included producer Isaac Gottfried) to put a stamp on it.

“There’s this richness about the music that isn’t techno. Bonobo, Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation — they all have a rich sound from the vinyl they use, which gives this edge to it that’s really funky. It just made me see images and progressed my feelings beyond the music. It took me to this other place.”

In the studio, they crafted the album “Me Have Fun,” released last year to rave reviews. They’ve opened for artists like Bonobo and Eliot Lipp, performed at Asheville’s swanky Bele Chere festival and at Moogfest. Kummerle, who also performed with the band RubySlippers, has slowly put together a live act that takes what she and Gottfried create in the studio and replicates it in a way that’s faithful to their recorded sounds as well but branches out in new directions as well.

“I feel like it’s an endless horizon for one,” she said. “There’s so much technology and so many different ways to do what I want to do that it’s always changing. Every show, we’re doing a little different and adding a little more. At first, it was just him on his turntables and me on a vocal mic, but I’m a live performer.

“I need live drums, I need the live band to be live, I need to interact with band members. So we’ve started adding more and more, anything that can help us achieve the depth of the sound and have a really great show. There are so many textures you can have in this kind of music, but the main objective is that it’s a live band, and I always want it to be that.”