Paper Tiger Re-mixes Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band

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Molly Parti Guest DJ on WNCW

In case you missed it live on the air, here it is … big thanks to all at WNCW, had a ball!!

Mountain XPress – Ladies’ Night

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Trip-hop act Paper Tiger has the distinction of having shared the stage four times with UK producer Simon Green, aka Bonobo. Says front woman Molly Kummerle, “He’s a brilliant musician and producer, and has always been at the top of our peer list. We have some really special treats up our sleeves for this show.”  

According to a press release, “Over the last couple of years, Bonobo has become one of the premier artists on the Ninja Tune imprint and certainly one of the most listened to, with over 16 million plays recorded on LastFM. His combination of superb live shows and studio wizardry means that he is now perfectly placed to push on into a yet bigger league.”
Paper Tiger certainly has a big league sound. Lush, dreamy, futuristic and emotive, the project was originally conceived of by Kummerle and producer Mingle. The current live lineup includes Kummerle with Dave Mathes on drums and Peripheral on keyboards and samples (both of Sonmi), Chuck Lichtenberger (Stephanie’s id) on melodica, and live video by Ben Mason.

The Orange Peel show starts at 9 p.m., tickets are $15 in advance or $17 at the door. 

Tiger beat: Paper Tiger leads electronic line-up at Asheville’s Emerald Lounge

Photo taken at Moog Music by Erin Brethauer

Asheville Citizen Times:  written by Michael Flynn

Many people still associate Asheville with old-time and acoustic music, but electronica has developed a deep following in the city.

“It’s been on the rise for at least the last 10 years,” says Paper Tiger singer Molly Kummerle (aka RubySlippers), talking to take5 after a class session on Ableton mixing technology. “There’s a huge electronic scene about to pop.”

Existing fans and those interested in the genre should hit the Emerald Lounge on Saturday, as Paper Tiger and Chattanooga, Tenn.’s Digital Butter bring a beat fest to the Lexington Avenue venue that includes DJ sets from Mike McBride (Peripheral) and Kummerle herself.

A seductive blend of Kummerle’s jazzy vocals and Isaac Gottfried’s mellow trip-hop grooves, Paper Tiger released its debut CD last January. After several years of performing, Gottfried (MINGLE) has decided to stick to production with the group, so Paper Tiger’s live show now features revamped sets and remixed samples.

“A live show never stops growing — you always find better ways to do things,” Kummerle says. Behind her smooth vocals Saturday will be Dave Mathes (Madlock) on drums, McBride on keys and samples, Ben Mason (neb.Cinema) on visual production, and guests such as Chuck Lichtenberger on melodica.

Digital Butter

The evening plugs in at 10 p.m. with Peripheral’s DJ set. His mix of serene melody and thick rhythm has drawn notice, including top honors in the initial Moogfest remix contest. “He is an incredible producer — his original content is amazing,” Kummerle says.

At 10:30 p.m., Digital Butter takes over, marking its first show in Asheville. Featuring, as Kummerle says, “a skinny white guy, a drummer and a gorgeous front woman,” the trio is Becky Ribeiro (Bexy), on vocals and trumpet, Adam Staudacher (SKiNNYiLL) on production and bass, and Hunter White (H-note) on drums. “We’ve wanted to bring them for a long time,” Kummerle says. “It’s such a sultry, R&B, edgy electronic sound. It’s really catchy.”

Molly Parti

After Paper Tiger’s midnight performance, Kummerle wraps the show at 1 a.m. with her debut DJ set under the moniker Molly Parti. Mixing samples through a MIDI controller is another outlet for her to explore the sonic possibilities of electronic music. “It seems to fit me more than anything else I’ve done,” Kummerle says about electronica. “This is the opportunity to play and have fun.”

In the wake of Moogfest’s big crowds and the instrument maker’s move downtown, look for the local electronic scene to keep growing, Kummerle says. That includes a new Paper Tiger disc next year. “We’re six or seven songs into a new record,” she notes. “We’re all still working on music all the time.”

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Free Download – Peripheral “Live My Life” – MINGLE Remix

FREE download Monday!!  Peripheral just dropped a new remix of “Live My Life” by our very own MINGLE! Enjoy!

P3RIPH3RAL – Live My Life (MINGLE Remix) by Mingle

Paper Tiger Featured in Shuffle Magazine!

Shuffle Magazine #12

On The Prowl
With an acclaimed MoogFest set under their belt and with a new album in stores, Paper Tiger is at the forefront of the Asheville scene.
By Fred Mills

Sweet dreams are made of this: from the opening seconds of Me Have Fun (a sample—vinyl-sourced, natch—of regal horns, followed shortly by a slinky, downtempo bass/percussion throb), the listener can’t help but sense he or she is in for something special. Indeed, as the next 50-odd minutes unfold you’re transported into a hazy-yet-glistening universe of blissed-out beats and dense, trip-hop textures; of sensual keyboard lines and deft deployment of head-turning samples; and most important, of riveting, deeply soulful female vocals that are simultaneously seductive and vulnerable. Meet Paper Tiger: singer Molly Kummerle and beatmaster Isaac Gottfried, who are helping to transform Asheville’s electronic/dance milieu into something akin to the vaunted Bristol, UK, scene that gave the world Massive Attack and Portishead.

“We are definitely of those bands, and honored,” says Kummerle, also of local jazz/soul outfit RubySlippers, when asked if the Bristol comment holds water. (Reviewers have often compared her vocals to Beth Gibbons of Portishead.) “Some of my favorite music comes from the European electronic scene, and we also have a great love of old school hip-hop mixed in with Motown.” Adds Gottfried, aka deejay Mingle, “There’s no escaping the fact that our collective tastes from the past have melded into our current style. That being said, I also hope we can be seen as something a little different, and I think this will become more evident as Paper Tiger moves forward.”

No question there. Formally together for about a year and a half—Kummerle and Gottfried met in 2002, and first collaborated on a cover of Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”; they later tested the live waters as simply RubySlippers/Mingle—Paper Tiger’s trajectory tilted skyward several notches last fall when the band performed at the three-day MoogFest in Asheville, putting them in front of an international audience. Glowing reviews for Me Have Fun have furthered the momentum, and plans are in place for a new video and an EP of remixes while they work on material for the next album.

There’s also to be an uptick in concert appearances, including a set at this summer’s Bele Chere festival, although intriguingly, Gottfried will be dialing back his live activity to concentrate on the production side. Drummer David Mathes, from Sonmi Suite, has already been working with the band, so he and Kummerle will form the core touring version of Paper Tiger, with selected other players sitting in when possible. Explains Gottfried, of his decision to remain in the studio, “It can be difficult to decide how your music is going to be played live, simply because of the sheer number of ways it can be done. Molly and David have been tweaking the live show to allow for sounds to be triggered and played by the both of them.”

Both musicians are quick to point out that there’s an exciting creative vibe surrounding Asheville these days, and that MoogFest in particular raised the bar not only for them but for the local music scene as well. And for her part, Kummerle can’t wait to showcase Paper Tiger in front of new faces. “We want to challenge our own art and not get too comfortable,” she says. “And I’m also a live performer, so there is a huge opportunity to be able to present your music and connect with a live audience to share in that energy created.”

FREE Download – MINGLE remix of Hibiscus

Paper Tiger – Hibiscus (MINGLE Remix) by PaperTigerMusic

Earful Music | Review of Me Have Fun

An ear to the ground so you can listen up.

An ear to the ground so you can listen up.

Me Likey Me Have Fun
May 13, 2011
By casador
Paper Tiger : Me Have Fun : (Boy Girl Recordings)

Rating (Scale of 1 to 100): 81
Genre: Lounge, Trip Hop, Electronic, Singer Songwriter
You’ll Like it If: You must be ensconced in velvet whenever you play Portishead.

Defining Song: “Paper Tiger”–The track melts into a wash of strings and the sultry trappings of Kummerle’s voice. The aesthetically pleasing tune is a short lived two minutes, compelling the finger to hit repeat with obsessive recurrence.

Trip Hop is tricky. While it can seem effortless, anyone who has witnessed Massive Attack or Portishead live knows that every pore is dedicated to the music and the visual landscape. Asheville can now claim some of that seemingly facile cool thanks to local band, Paper Tiger, a duo consisting of jazz/lounge singer, Molly Kummerle and DJ/producer, Isaac Gottfried.

The two met about seven years ago through a mutual love of music and all the trappings Asheville offers for artists. When Molly wasn’t performing as her alter ego cabaret star, Ruby Slippers, and Issac wasn’t dropping beats as MINGLE, they tinkered with sounds that slowly melded into what is now Paper Tiger.

Their debut album, Me Have Fun, slowly arose from its comfy chair and entered the public arena in January, 2011. The end result is a sublime mix of sneaky keyboards, unique samples (including a baby coo) that ambush the ear, and Kummerle’s silky voice to guide us through the world of Paper Tiger.

The comparisons to the Trip Hop masters are evident, but it would be unfair to namedrop folks like Thievery and end there. Me Have Fun is an original work of art and deserves its own recognition. It’s a big world inside the album with a surprise at every turn.

“Happy Hour” starts the album with a horn revelry and a sample audience clap and ends a half hour later on “Last Call”, with Kummerle’s voice giving way to a grainy vinyl sample of a simple piano. In between lies the adventure. “Hibiscus” hits the funky stride with violin trickles and graceful keyboards thanks to guest Chuck Lichtenberger (of Stephanie’s Id). “Folded Laundry” plays up to the metaphor of complicated relationships without surrendering to maudlin, and “Hugo” sits complete with dark swagger and Beach Boys sampling.

Me Have Fun is a an album to cozy up to with bottle of wine (or absinthe for the saucier minded) or to jump start a party in need of voltage. It works either way. Kummerle and Gottfried own so many ideas on this album that it will compel the listener to have different emotions with every listen. It’s a good thing, and I hope their future output continues this myriad of escapades.

For more on Paper Tiger, go to their website

Check out this interview with Molly in the new Verve Magazine

And here’s a video of “Me Have Fun”:


VERVE Magazine | Features Molly | All Things Paper Tiger, RubySlippers & Beyond

Seeing Red

Singer-songwriter Molly Kummerle (aka Ruby Slippers) kicks off an over-the-rainbow career in Asheville.

by Joanne O’Sullivan . photos by Anthony Bellemare

There are singers, and then there are performers. Molly Kummerle is the latter. The voice, the moves, the clothes, the makeup and that certain je ne sais quoi that makes it all look easy—Kummerle has the total package, including the fabulous alter-ego and stage name Ruby Slippers. Working in a musical range that spans sultry electronic to smoky cabaret, she’s frequently on stage locally in clubs and festivals, and when she’s not, she’s probably in the recording studio. (Or, she’s coordinating coverage for major music festivals at her music-biz day job, festival marketing coordinator for Music Allies in Asheville.) And while she may someday entertain the idea of moving to a big city to be a rock star, at the moment she’s committed to kicking things off right here in Asheville.

Kummerle grew up on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, listening to steel drums, calypso and her parents’ jazz and R & B records. When Hurricane Hugo hit the island hard in 1989, the family chose an unlikely spot for relocation: an old farmhouse in Barnardsville, where her mother, fiber artist Marcia Kummerle started raising angora goats and making yarn under the label Good Fibrations.

An eclectic, bohemian upbringing to be sure, but as an English major at Brevard College, Kummerle didn’t envision herself becoming a performer. In fact, she wanted to be a nature writer. But then, a few months after graduating, she sang backup in a friend’s soul band, and truly, it was all over. Songs came to her as she walked, rhythm informing words, and she played around with singing and songwriting.

It wasn’t until Stephanie Morgan of Stephanie’s Id invited her to do a cabaret event at Tressa’s that she really came into her own. The cabaret character Ruby Slippers was born. “She’s sort of French and sweet, but also mischievious,” says Kummerle. “She’s my inner child.” She began performing regularly under that band name with Andy John and Robin Tolleson. Jazzy, but with an acid lounge twist, the group drew raves and Kummerle drew comparisons to singers from Fiona Apple to Natalie Merchant.

Ruby Slippers is one side of Kummerle’s musical personality, but there are others. Performing live with DJ Mingle (aka Isaac Gottfried) turned into what she describes as a “downtempo pop electronic project” called Paper Tiger. Along with drummer Dave Mathis, Paper Tiger has played at the Orange Peel, MoogFest, POP Asheville, LAFF and the Emerald Lounge. They recorded a CD, Me Have Fun, that was released in January, and they’re working on another this spring. While there’s a certain sultriness to Paper Tiger’s sound, there’s a stronger kinship to groups like Portishead or Thievery Corporation.

Of her musical evolution, Kummerle says, “I’m always challenging myself to make music that’s more and more ‘me’.” But she’s also invested in boosting the local music scene however she can. “I want to raise awareness about the electronic scene here—it’s so rich and diverse,” she says. “The higher we raise the bar, the better it will be for all of us.”

Ruby Slippers will perform at Tressa’s on May 6. Paper Tiger is slated to perform at Bele Chere in July.

VERVE Magazine

Paper Tiger featured on “What It Is” on WNCW

Vheck out new ‘review’ episode of WNCW‘s “what it is” – Fred Mills of Blurt Magazine gives Paper Tiger sweet props for ‘Me Have Fun’ at about 4:29


‎”What It Is” on WNCW Episode 145: Reviews – Paper Tiger, Yardword and the Left Banke. What it Is gives an ear to Asheville’s Paper Tiger.