Paper Tiger Re-mixes Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band

Just released: FREE download re-mix album from Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, “Re-Doin’ It Hard”. We’re honored to have a swank version of Neat Little Package on the album, check it out!

Dowload the whole album HERE

Here’s a little video they put together too … Thanks Derrick!!

Mooged Out Volume 2 | Asheville NC

In case you haven’t heard this yet … The Bob Moog Foundation mooged out compilation … it’s pretty bad-ass, features an original collaboration with molly on vocals ;)

Mooged Out Volume 2: Highlights and Studio Notes


Mooged Out Asheville, Volume 2 features 14 Asheville-based recording artists, each contributing a track to benefit the Bob Moog Foundation. Spanning musical styles ranging from rock and hip-hop to dubstep and avant electronica, the album is a dynamic showcase for the wealth of sounds inspired by Bob Moog’s contributions to modern music. The album is not strictly electronic music, but an expression of the wider pool of creativity that Bob touched.

Compiled and produced by BMF volunteer Dave Hamilton, who also produced the first volume, the CD is dedicated to Meg Lauzon, who was a friend to the Foundation and to the Asheville music community. The opening track features BMF Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa reading a description of Bob’s one-of-a-kind invention, the Multiple-Touch-Sensitive Keyboard, accompanied by music from the duo Blinding Standstill. Additional tracks were contributed by the West African-influenced Toubab Krewe (one of Bob’s favorite bands), as well as acts such as Stephaniesid, Telepath, and 15-year-old phenom Summit Jaffe, also known as Numatik.

Mastering for the album was contributed by Seva at Soundcurrent Mastering, Knoxville, TN.

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Bring the Walls – The Adapters

Mike Rhodes – Drums, Jay Sanders – Bass, Jon Paul Hess – Electric Piano, Chris Tanfield – Rhythm Guitar and Theremin, Jason Daniello – Moog Guitar, Molly Kummerle – Lead Vocals

Track notes from Dave Hamilton, producer:

The Adapters is the name associated with collaborative efforts between Molly Kummerle and myself for the benefit of the Bob Moog Foundation. The musical group draws from a rotating cast of Foundation volunteers. “Bring the Walls” was composed as a group effort by Dave, Molly, thereminist Chris Tanfield, and songwriter Joe Szabo. It was the first of four songs recorded live at Bob Moog’s 75th birthday celebration on May 21, 2009.

After equipping the Orange Peel’s stage with a portable recording rig, the evening began with Mike and Jay laying down a slow and solid rhythm track. Following their exit from the stage, Jon Paul sat down at the Wurlitzer electric piano while Chris plugged in his electric guitar to lay down the song’s melodic framework. The recording rig captured their performances as the recently finished rhythm track played through the house sound system. This live overdubbing process was then repeated for the theremin and Moog Guitar until the musicians had constructed a full instrumental track. As the celebration continued, Molly stepped onto the stage to record lyrics inspired by The Adapters’ mutual respect for Bob Moog’s work.

After the event, the tracks were taken to Echo Mountain Recording Studio for vocal overdubs, Moogerfooger application, and final mixing.