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we’re stoked to give you a track from our new album as inclusion on Autonomous Music - Array Vol. 3 … along with a ton of our label mates - Emancipator, Little People, Blockhead, Ott., The Polish Ambassador, DJ Vadim & more … go get it FREE!

navy black – Paper Tiger’s “This Time Around”

Big thanks to Alli Marshall for a glowing response to “This Time Around”!!

Paper Tiger’s “This Time Around”
“This Time Around,” the new track just released by Asheville-based trip-hop outfit Paper Tiger, starts off with an uptempo beat slightly out of character for the band that describes itself as “dirty downtempo.” But give it 10 seconds and what begins as a cool, snappy shimmy of a beat melts into even cooler horns and keys. In fact, cool (as a noun) layers and blankets this song, coloring and texturing it in near-palpable ways. It’s jazz stripped of edifice, soul pared back to its thrumming essence, and r&b boiled down to only its heavy-breathing intent.

Not that there’s any heavy-breathing going on in “This Time Around.” It’s far too cool for that, far too bathed in blue light and remove, far too committed to delayed gratification. It’s the gesture of a shimmer amidst the slink and strut of beats and vocals so controlled and lingering that even a wink would be too eager. “This Time Around” fits in the Paper Tiger arc, but it also demonstrates new directions — a spiraling into subtle matter and minimalism for an effect that flirts with explosiveness although, in truth, it barely lifts its bedroom eyes. The sheer mastery of dirty downtempo bodes well for the band’s forthcoming full-length.

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Happy new music Tuesday! Here’s a FREE exclusive track – “This Time Around (original mix)”

Array Vol. 2 – Free Download From Autonomous Music

Array Vol. 2


We’re excited to be included on Array Vol. 2, the FREE compilation released today by our booking label, Autonomous Music. Some of our fellow lablemates on the new compilation – Emancipator, Ott & The All-Seeing, Little People, The Polish Ambassador and more. Download it for free HERE.

Paper Tiger Re-mixes Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band

Just released: FREE download re-mix album from Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, “Re-Doin’ It Hard”. We’re honored to have a swank version of Neat Little Package on the album, check it out!

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Here’s a little video they put together too … Thanks Derrick!!

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happy rainy tuesday … here’s a FREE TUNE to brighten your day … sweet new remix by Scoundrel

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Molly Featured on Esko’s “Nowhere To Fall”

 Raised in New Jersey but residing in Los Angeles, CA, emcee Esko has completed his sophomore LP, The Seed, a 10-song album where he relates his life story to the metaphor of a seed that’s fallen from a tree and is forced to rebuild from nothing.

Esko reached out to Molly for a collaboration on a dark and haunting track … Nowhere to Fall

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FREE Download – Freezer (Scoundrel Frozen Dub Mix)

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