WUAG’s Prez Parks Reviews Me Have Fun

Me Have Fun: Paper Tiger – Album Review

Every so often a debut album comes out that reams of style and poise, enter Paper Tiger. Stemming from Asheville, the art basin of North Carolina, Paper Tiger’s Me Have Fun is a further evolution for sultry trip-hop. This beat heavy, sample-driven album reintroduces listeners to the ground work laid by the likes of Portishead of the 90’s and more recently Little Dragon. The duo of Producer Isaac Gottfried and Vocalist Molly Kummerle, create a progressive blend of storytelling laid over groove laden instrumentation. It is true this combination has been recycled time and time again. But the key is to do it well.

Isaac’s productions put you in the mind of his predecessors King Britt and DJ Spinna. He shines the most on his host of interludes that layer the album. From the intro having the 70’s female sample to the head-bobbing outro, we are given hints towards his influences while given clips of his ranging skill. Molly opens the pages of her bedside journal to display a vulnerable self that is coming to terms with her soul. Delivering ballads pressed against melodic orchestration that has a since passed rhythmic blues sense to it. Track 19 “Folded Laundry” represents the height of both Isaac and Molly’s worlds coming together at one time.

Paper Tiger’s Me Have Fun is a quality display of a beat-defined soul record. It pulls from genres like Trip-Hop and Soul, with hints into the mind of a singer/songwriter. Me Have Fun, solid for kids of all ages…

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